Vin Identity Checker

Check the history of your next car purchase. Enter the VIN number to generate a full report.

What is The VIN Checker Tool About?

The Carvertical VIN Checker is specifically aimed at buyers of used cars. Knowing the vehicle’s history will identify any known faults that may not have been disclosed by the seller. Having such information could save you thousands. The Car Vertical VIN Checker is a leading online industry tool reported on by prestigious organisations and used by millions of used car buyers.

How Does The VIN Checker Tool Work?

Every vehicle manufactured is given an identification code known as VIN (Vehicle Identity Number). The VIN number holds detailed information about a vehicle’s history. This information is held on highly secure government databases.The Carvertical VIN tool uses advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to give you highly secure and approved access to a VIN database in your specific location, across the world.

What Does The VIN Checker Tool Provide?

The Carvertical VIN Checker will generate an unprecedented and detailed car history report. This report will contain the vehicle’s service history, any theft records, the number of previous owners, historical photos, accident damage details, mileage rollback, common faults and much more. Knowing this information will save you money. Above all it provides a safe and peace of mind buying experience.

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