by , 22nd Sep 20 11:29 am

YouTuber Tavarish just bought a cheap, 2009 Aston Martin DBS with a manual gearbox. And we agree with Tavarish that the Aston Martin DBS is one if not the most beautiful supercars made in the last 20 years. The DBS was the pinnacle of the DB9 model range if not the signature car of Aston […]

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by , 13th Aug 20 2:25 pm

Has Scotty Kilmer gone professional? He is now YouTubing professionally produced videos. Scripted videos with historically accurate facts and even makes use of licensed music. This is not what we come to expect of Scotty Kilmer. Some of his videos are professionally edited and it sounds as if Kilmer using a studio-quality microphone. Kilmer gives […]

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by , 12th May 20 11:06 am

The YouTube Gods have been good to Vehicle Virgins content creator, vlogger, CEO, millennial man otherwise known as Parker Nirenstein. And not even a deadly pandemic can derail the success train Mr. Nirenstein is riding on. YouTubing has allowed Mr. Nirenstein’s garage to grow to an estimated worth of $2,000,000 USD. Estimated because cars are […]

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by , 1st May 20 12:50 pm

This horrendously scripted and narrated YouTube video is a showcase for 1990s style newscasters seeking to use the YouTube to boost future employment aspirations with CNN or MSNBC. The video also showcases supercar louts and supercar fails. And we don’t know what else to add at this point because we’ve run out of adjectives, nouns, […]

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by , 3rd Apr 20 10:28 am

We should have started a YouTube channel ages ago. But as we have said time and time again none of us here at DCB HQ Lockdown has the basic competence to be interesting enough to do YouTube well enough. Shelby Church is one such YouTuber who does have the competence. Shelby Church is the new […]

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