by , 29th Dec 20 3:01 pm

If you drive a car during any season, you’ll be experiencing some challenges, but more so during winter. Snow can make the steering and braking functions difficult. Driving in winter weather conditions can be very dangerous. However, by following some simple directions and precautions, you can prevent severe accidents and personal injuries. Ice and snow […]

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by , 27th Mar 19 2:06 pm

WWhen the colder weather starts to move in, it pays off to be prepared. Whether that means stocking up on salt and buying a new shovel for the walkways or stocking up on canned goods for those random blizzards, it’s important to keep your vehicle in mind. The winter season can be hard on your […]

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by , 22nd Dec 16 2:25 pm

The winter season is upon us, and that means you’re going to be putting more strain than usual on your beloved machine. Travelling for the holidays is one thing, of course, but the freezing cold temperature that this season brings can be the death of your car if you don’t take care of it. If […]

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by , 12th Jan 16 12:22 pm

Jaguar are not at the 2016 Detroit Auto show which is not a good way to treat potential customers in what is one of the worlds biggest car markets. Jaguar have other things on their minds like driving safely during the bleak winter months. You can now do so with the all-wheel-drive XF. The AWD XF […]

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by , 17th Dec 14 9:32 pm

You know when you’re watching the weather just after the news, its winter time and the weather reporter sums up the driving conditions as hazardous and signs off by saying “drive carefully”. Well in Russia they don’t have a weather channel or weather reporters. Vladmir Putin has such an iron grip on Russia he has banned all weather […]

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