by , 2nd Dec 20 2:45 pm

The road becomes a lot riskier when there’s snow or ice covering it. Ice smoothens out the road surface, reducing the necessary friction. Hence, for your safety, it’s best to avoid driving as much as possible when it’s winter. However, there are errands that need to be taken care of. If you really need to […]

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by , 14th Sep 20 8:20 pm

Temperatures are starting to drop in many parts of the country. While it might not be cold out quite yet, the cooler mornings are the perfect time to start getting your car ready for frigid colder weather during the winter. What do you need to do to get your daily driver ready before Jack Frost […]

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by , 20th Jan 20 4:23 pm

Boulder County in Colorado is a high desert with a mild climate and cold winters. The temperatures dip to lower levels even in the summers. At the same time, December and January are frigid, with an average daytime temperature of 22 degrees. Though the city is rarely buried in snow, it is essential to prepare […]

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by , 30th Dec 16 3:40 pm

In what is a shameless plug for McLaren’s winter driving experience course the company is encouraging all owners whom seek to improve their driving skills to get on a plane, head over to Finland and learn how to drift a 570s over a frozen lake. We say if you want to improve your driving skills […]

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