by , 19th Nov 19 11:19 am

So… the Ford Mustang Mach-E is no Mustang it’s a pure electric SUV. Personally, I would normally consider not buying a Ford… any Ford. And I would not buy a pure electric Ford. An electric Ford vehicle is akin to taking paracetamol in that it will stop you from having aches and pains but the […]

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by , 4th Jul 19 5:14 pm

The Renault Captur… How is it so? How can it be that I can never, ever forgive Renault for the lamentable and terminally dire Laguna. It was an awful ownership experience. Blown turbo, an exercise in cost-cutting and planned obsolescence and rust. I should know I replaced the turbo and in doing so found a […]

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by , 20th May 19 4:28 pm

The good news about the Nissan Mercedes X Class is that it will be available in the UK… in limited numbers. Thank the Lord, praise to the Gods for we have been exorcised. The Element Edition X 250d 4Matic is a Nissan wrapped up in a Mercedes marketing push. A lot of money has been […]

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by , 12th Apr 17 8:00 pm

Jaguar have fitted a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo-charged engine into the F-Type and in doing so have diluted the brilliance that defines the V6 and V8 powered brothers. But it’s not as annoying as dealing with Jaguar Land Rover’s self serving, duplicitous, completely fake, Alt-right ‘high-five’ Press Fleet coordinator. If you ever manage to meet the Annie Wilkes of […]

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