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A car is a crucial asset, but it takes a lot of hard workand caring to maintain its reliability. Used cars require more attention compared to new ones. Regular car care ensures that you save money that you could have used for major repairs. Even if your vehicle is new, visit dig my ride to […]

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by , 16th Sep 19 9:55 am

Need to junk your car? read on. When your car is no more serving its tenacity, you may consider trading your old car to a scrapyard or a dealership. Yet, it is occasionally tough to sell an aged car particularly if it has surface or mechanical issues. If your car is old or is not […]

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by , 30th May 19 10:16 am

When it comes to driving, you often take from granted that it has its dangers. Many deaths take place each year due to driving and being on the roads. Therefore, it’s essential that you’re able to be as safe as you can be when you are driving or a passenger. Let’s take a look. Get […]

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Driving your new car off the forecourt is a fantastic feeling. It smells new, it feels great and it looks fantastic. The problem is that it can be hard to keep your car looking this good. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible; you simply need to know what steps to take to get the show […]

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This is Mark Rober, a former Nasa Scientist who worked on the Curiosity Mars Explorer and who now has a more down to earth job as YouTuber. Mark Rober made a small but tidy sum by selling digital T-Shirts. Anyway to cut a long story short. On the back of his Digital Dudz enterprise Mark Rober left his […]

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