by , 28th May 20 1:52 pm

The Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric – Volvo’s first all-electric car – is now available for UK customers to order. The first of five fully electric cars to be launched by the Swedish company over the next five years, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric P8 is capable of traveling more than 249 miles on a […]

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by , 8th Apr 20 11:40 am

Enzo Ferrari once remarked that he established Ferrari to make road cars to fund his racing interests, Scuderia Ferrari. In a recent interview Andy Palmer, the current CEO of Aston Martin, eluded that the company plans to make fewer sports cars with the focus of becoming more profitable per unit sold. The first thing to […]

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by , 12th Feb 20 10:27 am

We are duty-bound here at DCB HQ to inform the buying public if a particular car brand should be avoided due to reliability or safety concerns. Mazda has long been such a brand that is cause for growing concern. And now we’re very concerned as the Mazda CX 5 SUV has been issued with a recall […]

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by , 10th Jan 20 12:20 pm

Personally speaking, a fast SUV isn’t my cup of tea. I mean if you want a fast, sports car buy a proper sports car, like a 911. But there are those who are inclined to buck the trend and as long as the apparently fast vehicle has a fast sounding name in SUV trim, another […]

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by , 25th Dec 19 12:01 am

Aston Martin is forecasting global sales to reach around 6,000 units for 2019 despite being under a dark cloud of falling sales and a plummeting market value. There is renewed hope that the all-new DBX SUV will turn around the fortunes of the company. Or will it? CEO, Andy Palmer, is predicting bumper sales for […]

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