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Subaru has reported a doubling of quarterly operating profits, a rare glimmer of hope in an industry ram-roaded off track by the Covid-19 pandemic. Subaru executives cited minimal exposure in China has reduced risk as opposed to numerous rival manufacturers who have invested heavily in the region to feed off the country’s incessant consumer demand. […]

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by , 14th Apr 20 11:05 am

Buying a car is an exciting prospect and investment, whether it’s your first purchase or whether you’re adding to your collection. Perhaps you want to buy an old Honda and build it back up from nothing, but always at the forefront of your mind is costs. If you feel that you are stretching the bank, […]

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by , 26th Nov 19 12:34 pm

Subaru has updated the Forester SUV which is now available in the UK with the latest mild-hybrid tech. The Forester e-Boxer mild-hybrid will be available in two variants, XE and XE Premium. Prices start at £33,995 for the XE and £36,995 for the XE Premium. Key highlights for the entry-level XE are LED headlights, fog […]

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by , 11th Apr 18 4:35 pm

  Subaru has a larger profile in the U.S. than they do in Europe a region where Subaru sold just over 35,000 units. A tidy sum you may think, but that is a tiny sum compared to Subaru’s US sales which amounted to over 600,000 units sold in 2017. So what is the problem? The […]

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by , 25th Oct 17 12:45 pm

Some cars are built to last and some are not. Some are designed for tough terrains and some are not. Some are designed for long-haul drives and, you guessed it, some are not. This is just the way it is, some cars are tougher and longer lasting than others. And, if you’re a frequent driver […]

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