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We don’t know what Mad Dog Helmut Marko does at Red Bull F1, it has never really been fully explained. He is listed as a Red Bull advisor but is often heard complaining about the team’s number two driver. If you are in the Red Bull number two seat you have to be on top […]

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by , 10th Sep 20 10:29 am

In Formula One signed and sealed contracts have little to no value. This is demonstrated with Sergio Perez who had his contract with Force India effectively ripped up and replaced with a removal order. Perez had, last year, signed a three-year extension with Force India. But the Mexican driver became surplus to requirements after Sebastian […]

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by , 31st Jul 20 9:22 pm

The biggest casualty of the British Grand Prix was not Alex Albon’s 2nd practice crash. The crash can be recovered. However, Sergio Perez needs time to recover after testing positive for Covid-19. The Mexican who drives for Racing Point was sidelined for 10 days after flying home to Mexico for two days to visit his […]

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by , 19th Sep 18 11:23 am

When Sergio Perez was involved in two race incidents during the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix the FIA were found to be absent. The Singapore GP is like a bigger and faster version of Monaco. The first collision occurred at the start of the race. The opening lap, Perez battled for position in a mele of other drivers […]

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