by , 29th Jun 20 4:38 pm

We’ve noticed that the coronavirus lockdown has caused mass uncertainty regarding the future of hairstyles. It appears that civilization has rewound 40 years and entered a retro 1970s period. Being a millennial I actually had to research hairstyles from the 1970s, and what a horror show it was for men back in that period of […]

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by , 10th Feb 20 12:35 pm

Long have we waited for the SEAT Ateca Cupra Limited Edition. Long have we stared at the distant horizon, gazed at the full moon, long have we journeyed great distances. Finally the wait, the journey is over. The SEAT Cupra Ateca Limited Edition is upon on us, in plain view, for all to see… and […]

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by , 20th Sep 18 9:51 am

Here it is, the new SEAT Tarraco, a large SUV that is aimed at someone and expected to be bought by somebody. Marketing people use a more technical term, demographics. Apparently, the demographics named the Tarraco in a public vote. Marketing people call this a new way to reach those potential buyers as… verticals. The sales […]

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by , 15th May 17 2:44 pm

The FUCKING REAL little SEAT SUV is getting a sportier, faster edition in order to boost the Ateca’s brand image. Priced from £24k the Ateca FR is set to hit showrooms in July with range topping models retailing for £30k. The FR range is visually differentiated from other Atecas with a high gloss black front grille, […]

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by , 30th Apr 17 9:10 pm

The name sounds right even if a 17-foot long SUV sounds wrong but Subaru think the Behemoth that is the Ascent Concept will make more sense to its US customer base which likes pickups and large SUVs. The Ascent was first previewed at the LA Auto Show in late 2016. Fast forward to last week […]

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