by , 4th Jun 20 1:14 pm

In our opinion, which is rarely if ever heard, Audi is perfection built on a solid base of perfectionism. From design, engineering to build, everything Audi does has a measured approach, like a sculpturer… doing his or her sculptury-type-thing. We really ought to work on the grandiose rhetoric, but Audi can do no wrong because […]

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by , 5th Sep 18 2:49 pm

We here at DCB are calling for a total and complete shutdown of Mercedes vehicle sales until we know what the hell is going on. From BMW to Mercedes, premium luxury cars, specifically German premium luxury cars are spontaneously bursting into flames. My dear friends, of which there are very few, I ask you one question do you […]

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by , 11th May 18 4:51 pm

At the start of this year, we brought you a review of the Skoda Hatch, a saloon offering by Skoda that, all in, is an impressive vehicle indeed. While many would argue that the market for four-door saloons appears to be fading, Skoda has proven that just isn’t the case. The convenience and affordability of […]

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by , 25th Apr 18 9:54 am

Mercedes has revealed a made for only China A Class long-wheelbase saloon at the Beijing Auto Show. It’s well known that the Chinese car buying consumer prefers to own a car that offers extra rear legroom, so Mercedes quickly realized the A-Class hatch would never work… I mean to sell in sufficient numbers. To cater […]

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by , 28th Aug 17 10:00 am

The new generation M5 is here and while this is no giant leap for automotive kind it is a changing of the guard as the old one is vanquished in favor of the new leader of the pack. The M5 series has a 32-year history and this time it’s a 600bhp, 750Nm torque V8 twin-turbo providing […]

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