by , 8th Nov 19 1:49 pm

The new Volkswagen Golf Mk8 is all new… although from looking at it you would be forgiven for thinking it is a mere mid-cycle refresh. The Mk8 Golf was officially revealed on October 24, but as usual, we wanted to take our time before reporting on it… we lost the invite… we missed our flight… […]

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Auto Review Viva La Tesla Model 3

by , 30th Oct 19 12:50 pm

You know when Elon Musk first ventured into Canada aged 17 to attend University he had a couple of hundred dollars to his name. He was a millionaire by 1999, during the early dot com boom he set up an online bank which later became known as PayPal. Boom… many more millions in the bank. […]

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by , 14th Aug 19 12:00 pm

Last week I had the luxury of driving around in DS’ latest model – the DS 3 Crossback – but before going into detail, let us first familiarise ourselves with DS and rule out any confusion associated with the brand. DS first came about in 2009 as Citroen’s premium sub-brand, where we saw the Citroen […]

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by , 8th Aug 19 11:44 am

L’avis d’ Aston Martin Vantage 2019! Le Vendeur Automobiles vous propose sa chaîne Youtube avec les essais en vidéo de voitures sportives, de 4×4 et également de voitures de courses! Passionnés par l’automobile et les voitures sportives, les 2 fondateurs de cette chaîne vont vous en mettre plein la vue, de belles surprises vous attendent! […]

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by , 20th Jun 19 11:14 am

Bored of the usual array of European brands we decided to feature the Cadillac Escalade, a massive SUV that makes Autogefuhl appear small. And yes the Cadillac Escalade is available for sale in Europe. Believe it or not, this particular vehicle is the short wheelbase version. In the USA prices start from $76k. But if […]

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