by , 5th Jan 21 1:50 pm

We go back in time with Autogehful, 20 December 2020, to be precise, because he is still on his new year holidays and has yet to upload any fresh content to his YouTube channel. And this time Autogefuhl’s attention is focused on the all-new Honda Jazz eHEV. The Jazz isn’t the most exciting car you […]

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by , 5th Oct 20 11:55 am

The Mini is kind-of-like the Jesus of the car industry, a British icon reborn in the year 2000. And like Jesus, the Mini is now in its third new testament. But this is no re-writing of the Mini Bible by a fundamentalist hypocritical Monk. This is the Mini 3 door hatch. And it’s looking better […]

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by , 18th Jun 20 12:53 pm

This is the worst review of a product we have ever seen from MKBHD. It wasn’t a review it was a promotion under the guise of a “tech review”. Here’s the deal, we’re big fans of MKBHD, regular watchers of his video content. However, his tech review of the Buick Encore was nothing more than […]

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by , 6th Jan 20 12:26 pm

I do not know what kind of misery someone or organisation must be in to conceive of the Dacia Duster. We blame Carlos “The Fugitive Fraudster” Ghosn. Dacia follows Ghosn’s personal philosophy of cost-cutting, Ghosnintroduced cost-cutting across the Renault Nissan alliance, the strategy saved both companies from extinction. We now know where all the savings […]

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by , 10th Dec 19 10:44 am

The Volkswagen Touareg, a big luxury bargain or just another conveyor belt product from the Volkswagen? It’s a bit of both, to be honest. It’s been around since 2002 and as of 2018 it entered it’s third generation re-invention. Now it’s a little bit longer, a little bit wider. And that’s the history lesson over […]

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