by , 30th Apr 21 10:53 am

We don’t know what Mad Dog Helmut Marko does at Red Bull F1, it has never really been fully explained. He is listed as a Red Bull advisor but is often heard complaining about the team’s number two driver. If you are in the Red Bull number two seat you have to be on top […]

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by , 31st Mar 20 1:03 pm

Mad Dog by name and now confirmed as being truly mad by nature. Let me add that Mad Dog Marko is not planning nor intending to commit mass murder, the headlines are deliberately over the top to emphasis the lunatic thinking that goes on in the dastardly mind of Mad Dog Helmet Marko. The Mad […]

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by , 27th Mar 19 1:43 pm

Man management hasn’t been a Red Bull F1 specialty over the years, winning races and championships is the focus. Indeed if a driver does not perform to Red Bull expectations and standards they are thrown under the bus. And usually, the bus is driven by either “Maddog” Helmut Marko or Christian “Mother Teresa – Grand […]

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by , 12th Mar 19 3:00 pm

Maddog Helmut Marko, right-hand man of Red Bull F1 and Torro Rosso has Pierre Gasly in his sights. Especially after the young F1 star made a serious of errors during pre-season testing. Maddog Marko has high standards and expects the very best from his drivers. At times it seems the Red Bull F1 family operates […]

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by , 14th Aug 18 11:05 am

If the rumors of Fernando Alonso are correct, then Red Bull may well have just signed the Spaniard on a two-year contract. If true then it would be an about-face considering the levels of criticism Alonso threw at Honda when the engine manufacturer failed to deliver during its return to McLaren. Honda’s return to McLaren ended with […]

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