by , 13th Jan 21 11:47 am

If you want to know why we believe the Volkswagen Polo is so overrated and is no better than a plastic bucket you can buy on Aliexpress then here is an example. The VW Polo is due for an update in 2022 and a spy photographer captured next year’s model out in the open being […]

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by , 17th Feb 20 11:56 am

The Volkswagen Polo just got a whole lot cheaper- well more, cost-effective – with the introduction of the Match, which replaces the second-tier SE trim in the Polo range. The Match adds 15-inch ‘Seyene’ alloy wheels, front fog lights, rear tinted-windows, and front and rear parking sensors – equipment which, if specified as options on […]

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by , 29th Mar 18 2:21 pm

As our Australian drongo cousins are mauled by the media because of their cheating scumbag cheating cricket players, we here at DCB Towers come to the defense of all Australia Land. Including the aboriginal tribes Anmatjera, Gurindji, Kunibidji, Luritja, Murrinh,Patha, Pitjantjatjara, Tiwi, Warlpiri, Kalkadoon, Maralinga Tjarutja, Kulin, Noongar to name but a few. Such tribes are the innocent, forgotten victims or white, Christian fundamentalist ideals to subjugate […]

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by , 14th Jun 16 4:45 pm

The Ford Fiesta is Europe’s best selling supermini with 84k units sold in the first quarter of 2016. Next up is the VW Polo at 81k units sold thus far and then its the Renault Clio with 77k units sold during Q1. In Europe the supermini reigns supreme its by far the most popular vehicle segment, the bread […]

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by , 24th Dec 14 3:11 pm

The Volkswagen Polo supermini turns on the super frugal charm with the addition of “Bluemotion” which features a revised engine map, low-rolling resistant tyres and longer gear ratios. So here it is the VW Polo Bluemotion which has finally been given a consumer friendly price for UK buyers. The new 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder turbo petrol joins […]

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