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Surely with RS Q8 Audi has taken the performance SUV crown away from the Mercedes AMG gunslingers. Perhaps the Audi RS Q8 is the King of Cool certainly this new, admittedly unnecessarily fast SUV has got everything going for it. So why do we need superfast SUVs? We see the RS Q8s of this world […]

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by , 5th Jan 18 7:32 pm

  Sports cars are generally a mix of great handling and outright speed. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small superminis to huge powerful saloons. There’s also a huge variation in the price of a sports car, some have exceeded their original sale price and become collector’s cars, while some have remained great […]

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by , 3rd Feb 16 5:09 pm

Ford’s European division will implement cost cutting measures in order to save $200 million dollars per year by introducing voluntary redundancies and improving manufacturing processes to increase efficiencies. During 2015 the Ford group made record profits of $10.8bn dollars. Ford knows that market conditions change quickly and have decided workers should take the bullet for that […]

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