by , 22nd Sep 20 10:33 am

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency is the name of the Volkswagen Skoda game. And the Volkswagen Skoda Octavia Right Fit Edition brings forth a more efficient less polluting future. And let’s face it, VW Skoda has plenty of experience of not being very efficient. Class action lawsuits will attest to that. And to account for their miscreant […]

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by , 20th Jul 20 10:47 am

In a sign of fast-changing times, the Maserati Ghibli has joined the mild-hybrid club. But This is no V6 twin-turbo affair, it’s strictly a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder engine. However, the 48-volt mild-hybrid system delivers a not too disappointing 330bhp and 450 (332 lb-ft). But here’s the issue with small capacity engines trying to do the work […]

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by , 7th Jul 20 3:30 pm

The connection we are trying to make here with the banner headlines is loosely connected with Pinocchio. Because, lately, Suzuki has taken to re-badging Toyota’s as real Suzuki’s. That’s not too dissimilar to the Daily Car Blog saying it is indeed Autocar. We can all live with the little white lie here and there and […]

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by , 9th Mar 20 11:17 am

Autogefuhl, not Autogefuhl… looks as though Autogefuhl Tomas has let himself go. Instead of the vegan diet Tomas has switched to a liquid diet. Beer. And he has changed his name to Brian and now sports a Brexit accent. Anyway, we take a second look at the new Audi A3 Sportback, in full HD, full […]

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by , 21st Feb 20 4:50 pm

From time to time we go full-on ‘DailyMail’ by exaggerating the banner headlines with block capitals to make and underscore an assertive point. However, we don’t do the full-Daily-Mail which is built around a framework of tried and trusted bullying, bigotry, xenophobia, the egregious list is endless. Nevertheless, the Daily Mail is considered the vanguard […]

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