by , 29th Oct 20 10:33 am

When Aston Martin became a private limited company in 2007, it fell into the hands of vulture capitalists. Modern vulture capitalism has a reputation for loading healthy companies with debt and off-loading that debt (money) into the hands of the venture capitalists through exorbitant consulting fees and other legal means. Meanwhile, the company can not […]

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by , 20th Oct 20 2:55 pm

Big SUVs are not the most elegant looking of vehicles as can be seen with the Maybach GLS 600 4Matic. The Maybach GLS 600  is like an exercise in targeted re-targeted marketing. The target audience for this SUV is a handful of German Prince’s whose privileges and titles of Royalty were abolished over a century […]

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by , 3rd Sep 20 11:46 am

We have issues with Mercedes at the moment. For example, what is the point of introducing new passenger safety systems when they disregard the welfare of their workers? Why is the disregard of worker safety apparently acceptable yet the safety of Mercedes passengers an absolute priority? Is passenger safety being used as a commodity to […]

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by , 4th Aug 20 10:54 am

Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes, who tried and thankfully failed to sacrifice their Spanish workforce to Covid-19, have revealed that the updated ergo facelifted E Class is now on sale in the UK. Prices start from £39,000. As with all mid-cycle updates, the exterior is limited to minor design changes. The reason being is because […]

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by , 6th Jul 20 12:37 pm

Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes, who tried and failed to sacrifice their Spanish workforce to the Coronavirus, is being investigated by Turkish authorities over corporate anti-competition charges. The investigation centers on whether Morally and ethically corrupted Mercedes colluded with other German car brands in the sharing of key business interests, including but not limited to […]

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