by , 7th Apr 21 11:58 am

The Mercedes CLS, shrouded under a dark cloud of low demand, has fled the USA. Americans have abandoned sleek 4-door coupes for SUVs and pickup trucks. Pickup trucks allow Americans to retro-fit deadly automatic rifles for outdoor hunting pursuits, killing bears and mass shootings. You can’t do that in a Mercedes CLS Coupe. In Europe, […]

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by , 11th Mar 20 10:05 am

Our partners over at Carwow have uploaded a video overview of the new-updated-new Mercedes E Class. Actually Carwow is not a content partner, we made that up to appear important and relevant. We mostly troll Carwow’s presenter, Mat Watson, honestly we expect to get a cease and desist order from Carwow’s lawyers due to the […]

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by , 23rd Aug 18 11:55 am

The Mercedes E Class range of cars and the CLS, which is a tarted-up E Class coupe because it uses the same E Class running gear, has been given a mid-life resuscitation by means of the introduction of new petrol and diesel engines. Mercedes is basically phasing out the V6 powertrain in favour of a new […]

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by , 12th Jan 18 4:40 pm

Do remember a time when TV used to be educational? Do you remember when you last watched TV in its late 20th Century guise? YouTube is the new TV, anyone can become a star, so long as ‘anyone’ creates watchable content. YouTuber, Warped Perception, wants to know if the airbags in his late 20 century, beaten […]

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by , 10th Nov 15 2:35 pm

One is a Mercedes driven by individuals who seek status, a middle of the road net wealth and the other is a Mercedes driven by people who have a high self esteem and like nothing better than to use the three point star as a target sight to avoid poor people… in their Vauxhall Corsa VXR’s. […]

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