by , 13th Aug 19 3:33 pm

Mercedes might be in trouble with German authorities over a small matter of committing fraud of the highest order. But at the end of the day product planners, marketing and consumers not giving two-fucks always comes first. A $1.2 billion dollar fine for causing pollution and unnecessary deaths? just a drop in the ocean for […]

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by , 12th Sep 18 11:35 am

Looking like an SUV offered by a never before heard of Chinese auto start-up the all-new Mercedes Benz GLE looks like an SUV from a never before heard of Chinese auto brand. But it is what it is. Underneath that Chinese looking, all-new, exterior is a wealth of new Mercedes Benz innovation. Exclusive German technology […]

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by , 5th Sep 18 2:49 pm

We here at DCB are calling for a total and complete shutdown of Mercedes vehicle sales until we know what the hell is going on. From BMW to Mercedes, premium luxury cars, specifically German premium luxury cars are spontaneously bursting into flames. My dear friends, of which there are very few, I ask you one question do you […]

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by , 12th Jun 18 12:32 pm

Mercedes Benz (Daimler Benz) has been forced to recall over 700,000 vehicles, namely Vito vans, C Class and GLC SUV after the German government ordered the company into “an immediate formal recall because of prohibited shutoff devices.” Mercedes Benz has been found to have designed defeat device software specifically for the purposes of manipulating C02 emissions in […]

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by , 4th Jan 18 10:35 pm

What were Mercedes thinking when senior executives decided to listen to their marketing and sales research divisions and actually launch the Nissan X Class, such a decision will surely go down in the annals of infamy. The G Glass is a proper Mercedes SUV, it always has been and the latest, newest generation has been leaked […]

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