by , 8th Oct 21 8:04 pm

For the sake of not being sued by Carwow and Mat Watson, we can confirm that Mat Watson of Carwow has not been shrunk by Carwow or affiliates. But the Mercedes Maybach GLS is huge, the camera perspective in this particular video review makes Watson appear to be smaller than the average human. Nevertheless, Mercedes […]

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by , 6th Apr 21 10:53 am

Mat Watson has stepped right into it after being caught by his camera crew slumming it during a call of nature moment of shame. We contacted Carwow to confirm if Watson would consider investing in incontinence pants, they have yet to respond. The superstar YouTube presenter has gone to extra levels to produce consistently fun […]

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by , 20th Feb 21 5:48 pm

Mat Watson has sensationally quit Carwow to model full-time for Burberry, the British luxury fashion brand. Waston has come a long way since his early days as a miner where he was specifically selected to replace the underground canary bird. Then, after a brief spell as a rag and bone man, he left his trusty […]

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by , 4th Jan 21 3:54 pm

Carwow are no longer speaking to us. They no longer respond to our emails begging for access to their superbly stocked snack bar. We, the Daily Car Blog went AWOL over Mercedes, who just happen to be investors in Carwow. Oh well, you live and learn, although we merely exist to exist. And admittedly we […]

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by , 9th Nov 20 1:03 pm

Carwow’s Mat Watson has started a new career as a professional Gurner. The Covid-19 Pandemic forced Watson into furlough. After being holed up in his rundown 1 room bedsit and with nothing better to do, Watson received a message from god. And God said unto Mat Watson “begin a new life as a pro-Gurner”. If […]

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