by , 5th Feb 20 1:02 pm

The Ford Marstang? We’re not big fans of Ford, but when they get it right even we give credit where credit is due. Fortunately, they get it wrong 90 percent of the time. However, there is a silver lining in this haters-are-gonna’-hate world view of the Ford. If Ford can’t get it right all of […]

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by , 12th Jul 17 12:30 pm

We don’t know if being a YouTuber is a worthy of being considered a full time job indeed being a YouTuber is similar to being a drug dealer. A drug dealer appears to do nothing yet lives a lavish lifestyle nice house, expensive car. That’s how YouTubers live nice house, expensive car and all they do […]

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by , 24th Mar 17 2:07 pm

Drifting a car used to be the preserve of mindless thugs, but over the past 10 years it has evolved into a serious competitive sport. When this happens sponsors get involved and the money starts to roll in. Chris Forsberg won the 2016 Formula Drift championship a sport that has been running since 2004 and […]

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by , 12th Jan 17 7:51 pm

It’s incredible to see how a single car’s design can change drastically over time, especially when viewed from a distance rather than year-to-year. One car in particular that has seen many shifts throughout the years is the Ford Mustang. The team over at created the evolution of the Ford Mustang, which shows how the […]

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by , 23rd Aug 16 12:00 pm

Despite being a blatant rip-off copy of the Aston Martin DB9 the Ford Marstang is the UK’s most popular sports coupe. We must point out we never believe anything written in a corporate press release however Ford has stats to back up it’s claims. Ford started taking orders for their DB9 facsimile in January 2015, fast forward to […]

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