by , 11th Oct 21 11:45 am

They, Volkswagen, spent 25 years celebrating the cleanest diesel ever to hit the market. The reality was far different, there was no so-called ‘clean diesel’. There was only dieselgate. There was only pollution, there were only countless lives needlessly lost, thousands per year in Europe alone according to WHO stats. Thousands of lives ended prematurely […]

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by , 15th Mar 21 7:37 pm

Jaguar Land Rover’s push into manufacturing electric vehicles has always appeared to be somewhat laborious. The Jaguar i-Pace is symptomatic of Jaguar’s denialism wrapped up in a shell of vapid, self-congratulatory marketing. The iPace is a slow unwilling step by step embrace of a new world that Jaguar is reluctant to join. They invested hundreds […]

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