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There are many people who own personalised license plates and it is not only the affluent that own such personalised plates. Some consider it as a statement of individuality while others view the personalised license plates as a form of investment. Personalised plates are frequently used in movies and serves as the status symbol of […]

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by , 26th Sep 17 4:55 pm

With the all-new XC40, Volvo has ventured into new territory, the luxury compact SUV market. As the demand for such vehicles is on the increase Volvo had no other option than to follow the market, and the market never gets it wrong… Except if you work in investment banking. Volvo doesn’t require investment banking advise […]

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by , 21st Aug 17 10:00 am

You won’t see many of these GLC 63 S 4MATIC SUV and Coupe on the UK roads, priced from £68k and £71k respectively, these compact luxury SUVs are treading into Range Rover territory so why would you choose these knuckleheads over a Ranger Rover proper? Thankfully UK residents will have some time to think things over, […]

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by , 3rd Aug 17 4:49 pm

There is no doubt that modern cars are far, far better built than they were 10 years ago and they are superior in every way to cars built over the last 40 years, from a technical and mechanical perspective, more efficient and more reliable. Over 40 years ago Mercedes Benz used to do proper luxury […]

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by , 19th Jul 17 2:30 pm

Buying a new car means spending quite a bit of money at once – but buying a used car could prove to be even more expensive in the long run. Your vehicle is one of the most expensive assets you own, after all, and it’s a good idea to start off on the right foot […]

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