by , 29th Jun 20 10:10 am

This is what $21 million dollars gets you in the Bel Air district of Los Angeles, a luxurious mansion complete with a fleet of luxury cars and supercars. What else did you expect? We’ve been looking at properties ever since the coronavirus lockdown forced us to abandon our London office space. We took the cheapest […]

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by , 19th Mar 20 1:42 pm

Luxury technology is evolving rapidly across every sector and the automotive industry is no different. In fact, the car industry has been one of the most receptive sectors when it comes to introducing new technology. From the release of the very first car in January 1886 to modern-day, technology has seen our comfort levels and […]

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by , 13th Jun 19 2:29 pm

We do have a soft spot for the Bentley Flying Spur we really do and the new 2019 Flying Spur is new from the ground up. It looks stunningly sharp-suited to boot. In our opinion (which is often shamelessly biased) it is the best looking sedan on the market right now. Its got a bit […]

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by , 31st Dec 18 2:33 pm

Audi has popped the bubble of glamour by proving that it isn’t the buying and selling factor of cars anymore. It has changed drastically. So, what is it that people look for in a car? They look for the convenience and relaxed driving, which is what the new A8 focuses on. The promising outline of […]

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by , 25th Jul 18 2:12 pm

As most people already know, a personalised number plate is exactly what it says on the tin – It’s a number plate that is unique and personalised for an owner. Although they are available to anyone, with or without a car, they’re often associated with those who have a lot of money, including celebrities and […]

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