by , 9th Jun 21 12:02 pm

Lotus is finally getting much-needed attention and investment it has been severely lacking for many, many years. For too long the company has relied upon the so-called goodwill of the British motoring media to provide a nostalgic stenography of why Lotus is great instead of saying why you should buy a Lotus over a Porsche. […]

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by , 6th Dec 18 8:15 pm

Autocar is reporting that Lotus is planning to build an all-electric £2m hypercar to act as a statement of intent. New owners, Geely, are funding this extravagant outlay of capital. A few years ago Lotus was on the brink of sinking into the Norfolk Plains. Now let’s take a step back. Autocar is a longstanding Lotus fanboy […]

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by , 21st Jan 15 12:41 pm

Lotus is slowly rebounding after a difficult past few years, sales have increased to 551 cars from the previous year yielding 1,565 cars sold over the last nine months alone which represents an overall 54 percent boost. In the UK sales have increased by 88 percent, sales in Germany are up by 139 percent and France saw […]

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