by , 29th Oct 19 11:15 am

It’s been some time since we last featured Lord Thrillbilly (AKA Seen Through Glass). His PR people didn’t like an article we published, although addmittedly they politely asked us to remove said article. Which we never did. But that sort of demand comes with the territory, it is what it is. So we decided not […]

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by , 21st Aug 17 12:00 pm

I think Oprah Winfrey said it best, the reason why she does not use the n-word is because it is the last word her ancestor’s, Southern slave victims, heard as they were strung up and hanged by white supremacists. So why Sam Michael Fane, aka Seen Through Glass, aka Lord Thrillbilly, is using a music track […]

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by , 4th Jan 17 11:02 am

His name is Sam, Sam Michael David Fane to be precise. He is passionate about cars. He was also once passionate about Coffee and passionately used to dabble in property management. Sam describes himself as working in PR despite spending most of his working days videoing himself driving cars and uploading the results onto YouTube. Where ever his […]

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