by , 19th Jul 19 2:50 pm

With summer approaching, it’s getting easier for city dwellers to overheat. On a scorching hot day, there’s nothing like wall to wall traffic jams, melting tarmac and stuffy, un-air-conditioned offices to bring out the worst in our natures and cause us undue stress. Cities around the globe are famous for their heavy traffic, congested streets […]

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by , 3rd Jul 18 10:11 am

Popular motoring Vlogger, Mo Vlogs, heads on over to London, Englandshire on a supercar weekend binge, or as Mo refers to it “visiting my friends”. It’s the usual fanfare of LamBROghini’s and supercar muscle heads. Regents Street, New Bond Street, Kensington are just a few of the locations Mo Vlogs visits during his short stay in […]

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by , 16th May 18 1:15 pm

We are staunch supporters of the diesel-powered car, getting many more miles over a petrol equivalent seems like magic, like a scientific miracle. After watching this video from Hubbub, an eco-mental-hippy-type non-profit organization we are now convinced that diesel cars shouldn’t be phased out but that moves should be made to ban sales of all […]

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by , 2nd Mar 17 4:30 pm

If you call yourself a classic car enthusiast then you were probably at the London Classic Car Show last week.  You weren’t alone as the Capital’s most nostalgic car show was on a record high.  More visitors than before and a record number of exhibitors with prices continuing along this mad path the classic car […]

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by , 31st Dec 15 1:19 pm

He’s made his living as bespoke caretaker of cars and as Kahn Design Ltd has established its reputation for becoming a “dream factory” (their words not ours) and catering for people who don’t just want to adhere to the limited choices offered by car manufactures. Kahn Design offers its customers a dedicated bespoke service, you […]

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