by , 2nd Feb 21 2:21 pm

Lawrence Stroll, the world’s poorest billionaire, has apparently awoken from his Scrooge McDuck like slumber and finally realized that his ownership of both Aston Martin road cars and Aston Martin F1 could very quickly eat into his personal $2bn fortune. Aston Martin is $1 billion in debt and possibly requires at least another $1 billion […]

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by , 22nd Apr 20 1:08 pm

Inexplicably, Aston Martin shut down production due to the Conoravirus Pandemic on March 27th, much later than many other auto manufacturers and despite the UK government declaring a nationwide lockdown on March 23. The WHO declared a Pandemic on March 13th, why Aston Martin extended production for as long as possible despite escalating infection and […]

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by , 3rd Feb 20 4:02 pm

Lawrence Stroll the billionaire businessman has bought his way onto the board of Aston Martin to the tune of £182 million GBP. In return for his investment Stroll gets to sit on very expensive leather seats. Stroll has a net worth of around $2.8 billion USD. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, has a personal fortune of […]

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by , 21st Jan 20 3:01 pm

Is a billionaire bailout on the cards for on the brink Aston Martin? Despite making more cars annually than at any other time in its 100-year-plus history Aston Martin is at the mercy of its own making. You would think that making and selling more cars would mean more profits. Not so for the legendary […]

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