by , 15th May 20 12:08 pm

Finally, we can feature something positive about Land Rover. But let’s begin with a negative. We are currently at war with Land Rover, a protracted war that will end when this website ends. That could be next week, in a few week’s time or many months from now. We have experienced grotesque ‘professionalism’ at the […]

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by , 1st Jan 20 3:58 pm

The British car industry is ruled by Johnny foreigner, now’t wrung wit’ that like. But for how long? Land Rover is the remnant of a once-powerful and thriving British car industry. It is a Red Giant among a galaxy of automotive stars. But is bloated Jaguar Land Rover nearing its end? Regrettably not yet. The […]

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by , 4th Dec 19 4:28 pm

The Land Rover Discovery Sport, proper Briitish it is, proper British. First launched in 2014 it was basically a rehashed Ford Mondeo in Land Rover apparel. The second-generation launched this year and is actually based on the Range Rover Evoque’s chassis. Modularity is the name of the game in modern automotive production. The new Discovery Sport […]

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by , 26th Nov 19 11:51 am

As part of our drive to become more responsible and highly regard motoring journalists we are featuring yet another Land Rover. For us, Land Rover, in general, is the enemy, a PTSD inducing enemy. But to end wars you have to talk with the enemy, to find common ground. That will never happen so the […]

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by , 23rd Oct 19 11:59 am

You know the old Land Rover Defender wasn’t great, it wasn’t the personification of gentrification, it wasn’t that great a drive, it wasn’t well built and the interior ergonomics was flawed as hell and felt somewhat rudimentary among 21st Century rivals. Reliability? What reliability. But you know what it had? Let me put it this […]

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