by , 7th Nov 19 11:02 am

I don’t know where these YouTubers such as DailyDrivenExotics are getting the money from to buy, own and run these high-performance, high luxury, super-supercars but hey it is what it is. Or it could down to a very good share of YouTube advertising revenues for this particular channel. But at the end of the day […]

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by , 4th Jan 19 10:39 am

It’s been some time since we visited Lord Aleem and his supercar YouTube channel. His father owns a luxury car hire business which means that Lord Aleem gets to drive some hefty and very powerful cars. And they come no more powerful than the LamBROghini Aventador SVJ. The Aventador SVJ is a V12 powered, 759bhp spaceship. You […]

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by , 6th Dec 18 3:19 pm

This is the moment TheRidersChannel caught Alex Choi attempting a show-off powerslide on “The Snake Pass”. The powerslide-u-turn ended in a near miss with a passing motorcyclist. A fellow cyclist was standing on the grass verge filming Choi in his LamBROghini Huracan. But she flipped and f-ed at Choi when the near-collision happened. Alex Choi was posing when the incident occurred on the […]

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by , 3rd Jul 18 10:11 am

Popular motoring Vlogger, Mo Vlogs, heads on over to London, Englandshire on a supercar weekend binge, or as Mo refers to it “visiting my friends”. It’s the usual fanfare of LamBROghini’s and supercar muscle heads. Regents Street, New Bond Street, Kensington are just a few of the locations Mo Vlogs visits during his short stay in […]

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by , 23rd Apr 18 9:48 am

Hi name is Jake Paul, he makes YouTube videos about his aimless life and he has 14m subscribers. This forces him to make even more videos about his aimless life. Afterall 14m subs cannot be wrong, so what do you do to keep this base entertained? Make fake videos about turning your Lambroghini Huracan into […]

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