by , 1st Jun 21 1:01 pm

Rolls Royce calls it the Boat Tail, a bespoke coach-built ultra-luxury boat for the road. I call it a $28 million monstrosity. Why? I am sticking up for the little people who can not afford such luxuries in a time of global economic strife. Rolls Royce has never been the preserve of the common civilian. […]

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by , 24th Jan 21 2:06 pm

Is there any evidence to back up the long held populist belief that the Mazda MX 5 is exclusively bought by paedophiles? I don’t know I’m just making this up as I go along because that’s what journalists do, make things up and get paid to gaslight the hell out of their clueless audience. And […]

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by , 30th Nov 20 3:05 pm

Nearly five years after being sacked from Top Gear for racist thuggery Jeremy Clarkson has returned to the BBC. Albeit on the BBC News website. The racist and his two buddies are promoting their one-off The Grand Tour Special on Amazon Prime. The racist and his two commrades are given extensive written coverage on BBC […]

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by , 23rd Apr 20 12:23 pm

Jeremy Clarkson has topped a UK poll to find the greatest automotive icon, according to a study by Hyundai UK. Back in 2014, a disgruntled BBC employee released outtake footage of Jeremy Clarkson using racist language. Clarkson used the so-called N-Bomb, to describe people of Afro-Caribbean descent during the filming of an episode of Top […]

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by , 22nd Jul 19 11:58 am

Don’t worry Jeremy Clarkson’s invites from Ferrari and Mercedes will not end any time soon after he told both to fuck off. Both corporations will laugh it off and give Clarkson a thumbs up, nudge-nudge, wink-wink and share a drink. Clarkson has too much of a high profile for Mercedes and Ferrari to turn their […]

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