by , 24th Apr 18 3:14 pm

One is a great British brand… the other is a great British brand, neither can claim to be British because one is owned by an Italian/Kuwaiti VC firm and the other is owned by a developing nation, who used to be owned by the British so by proxy (technically speaking) you can say Jaguar is British. […]

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by , 3rd Feb 16 7:13 pm

Yet another day and yet another leak of the Aston martin DB11, its becoming commonplace now and to be honest we’re getting fed up of it. I mean Aston’s PR department clearly have a lack of something we say leadership. Why not just make it all official already.  If this is the real deal, if this […]

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by , 23rd Mar 15 4:42 pm

His name is Mr John and he runs an exceedingly popular website, Its a great website full of facts and reviews and car advice often dispensed by Mr John himself.  We’re starting off with what is a back handed compliment so here comes the back handed bit. When you have a popular car website PR departments […]

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by , 21st Nov 14 12:55 pm

The Jaguar F Type is a sports car Jaguar should have been making ten years ago, its better late than never. The F Type is a classic Jag for the modern era and will sit proudly in the annuals of British sports car history in this time and beyond.  The Jaguar AWD is plain wrong, like its […]

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