by , 10th Jan 20 11:55 am

The Instagram of open world videos, GTA 5 aka Grand Theft Auto 5, is all about living the luxury life, shooting, stealing, stabbing, stealing some more and accumulating wealth. That’s exactly how the “respectable” banking industry works for real. But for the majority of us, we have to commit our crimes via digital fantasy gameplay. […]

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by , 27th Jun 18 2:30 pm

How much is too much power? how much power can you really handle? these are questions usually associated with a known neo-Nazi supporting, racist and sexist animal otherwise known as the current president of the US of A, Donald J Trump. The same questions can also be applied to modern-day supercars, 500bhp was the norm […]

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by , 1st Mar 16 1:51 pm

This is the latest Porsche 911 iteration, it’s called the 911 R and from what we can tell Porsche want you to pay more for the privilege of adding shiny bright-red go faster stripes against a white paint job. The 2016 911 R doffs its cap to the original 911 R rally spec, but perhaps in name […]

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