by , 18th Dec 20 1:11 pm

What on earth do the Hyundai marketing and their dreadful UK communications team do with their time? The UK commination’s team spend their time navel-gazing that much is true. We’re not too sure about the marketing team, did they not think things through when conceiving the Kona N Line name? What does the N in […]

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by , 21st Oct 20 2:42 pm

Hyundai’s commitment to producing cars that aren’t only stylish but also highly functional is unwavering. As people anticipate 2021 to wash away the ‘you-know-what’ experiences of 2020, Hyundai has shown itself fully supportive in sparking up 2021 beautifully. The Korean brand has several models and remodels lined up to take over the road. From quirky […]

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by , 19th Aug 20 5:11 pm

One is an elegantly styled 5-door liftback premium sedan, the other is Hyundai pretending it can appeal to those looking for a premium driving experience. One has frameless doors, the other is a re-marketed Hyundai cowering behind a bunch of lengthy press-releases and backed by beautiful photography to hide the hole in the ceiling. One […]

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by , 20th May 20 9:40 am

Miserable glorious failure in the making, the Hyundai Genesis G80, is now retail ready as it gets prepared for a summer launch date in the USA. Provided the coronavirus doesn’t wipe out the G80’s key demographic. The G80 is a loss-making rival to the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes E Class. Hyundai will […]

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by , 10th Feb 20 10:57 am

Carwow’s Mat Waston prays to Jesus, yes sir! May the Lord Carwow who art in heaven, Hyundai be thy name, yes sir! Give us this day, a decent Hyundai and forgive them if they deliver below-average superminis of no worth, yes sir! For Hyundai will not lead us into temptation, it is a guaranteed certainty, […]

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