by , 20th Feb 21 6:33 pm

Here it is, the all-new generation Honda HR-V compact SUV, and it looks OK for a Honda. The issue we have with Honda is their focus on bland and derivative styling. Mechanically they build solid and reliable cars, but they just need to add a bit of fizz into their vehicle design language. Not much, […]

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by , 18th Jan 21 10:27 am

We get the electrification strategy many automakers are transitioning towards, save the planet end starvation. An electrified car is kind-of-like Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader. Whereas Darth Vader had style, Honda appear to give the impression that attention grabbing design doesn’t mesh into the brand’s sanitised corporate DNA. Sure Honda is consistently a reliable […]

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Auto Review Honda HR-V Review

by , 23rd May 16 12:25 pm

The original Honda HR-V was billed, in the UK, as the ‘joy machine’. Despite being in production between 1999 and 2006 people didn’t want compact SUV’s back them because they were usually expensive to run and therefore depreciated quicker than quick drying cement drying in a desert. It could be argued that Honda were ahead […]

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by , 14th May 15 6:30 pm

Honda are re-entering the compact SUV market with the second generation HR-V, released across Europe this summer. The man responsible for project leading the development of the vehicle sits down and talks about the company’s new baby. Masaki Kobayashi gives a insight into the vision behind the forthcoming HR-V. ‘We didn’t want to just create a downsized SUV,’ he […]

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