by , 13th Jan 21 11:06 am

The transition from fossil fuel-powered cars to electric and electrification is a fascinating and exciting time to witness. Time will tell if such changes will reverse the effects of global climate change. The venture into a new world should be seen as a step into the unknown. Stepping into the unknown is a chance to […]

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by , 8th Sep 20 12:01 pm

Honda UK has today announced on the road pricing for the hotly anticipated expanded Civic Type R family. Set to hit retail forecourts over the next few weeks, the entry-level model will cost £32,820, both the GT and the Sportline are an additional £2,000 and the range-topping Limited Edition Civic Type R is £39,995. All […]

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by , 9th Feb 18 5:59 pm

Let’s not kid ourselves; financial rewards are the main attraction of buying a used car. Even if there are a variety of other settling points, this is the one that truly matters. As such, it’s imperative that you are making the most of those opportunities. It is a complex situation, which is why you must […]

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by , 20th Mar 15 10:00 am

Our American brothers and sisters may be about to get the biggest windfall since the lottery was introduced. The Honda Civic Type R is going to be sold in America. Or maybe not. We do know that the five-door Civic is making its way across the Atlantic from around summertime 2016 according to Japan’s business news […]

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by , 17th Nov 14 9:03 pm

Honda’s all new Civic Tourer, estate to you and I, comes swaggering into view with the aim to take the compact estate rivalry up a notch or two. Honda owners have a reputation for being, lets say, the more civilised of society. You don’t get that impression when you look upon the Civic Tourer, it looks […]

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