by , 22nd Feb 21 10:03 am

Karma Automotive, the back from the dead maker of luxury hybrids, is peddling its latest offering, the Karma GS-6 hybrid. Originally founded in 2008 by Henrik Fisker, with a generous loan of $500 million of federal loans, Fisker Automotive was an early prospector in the hybrid-electric luxury motoring segment. They went on to create the […]

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by , 15th Jul 20 5:28 pm

Why is Fisker Inc worth so much with so little to show? The electric car industry is rising on the wave of multiple bubbles at this very moment. If you start an electric car company you are entering an industry that will have a guaranteed future value worth trillions. It is this future value that […]

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by , 6th Jan 20 4:51 pm

We’ve been tracking the evolution of the Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV for some time. Only now are we interested in featuring it because we just feel something isn’t quite right about the whole venture. That and because we’re lazy journalists. Anyway, the Fisker Ocean, it’s the brain-child of Henrik Fisker the start-stop-start and eventually permanently […]

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by , 12th Jan 18 6:49 pm

Remember Henrik Fisker, former Aston Martin designer, founder of defunct Fisker Automotive? Well, he is back, 14 months after relaunching his electric car dream, in its latest guise, Fisker Inc, the new company revealed its first product at the CES 2018 show. The EMotion is a luxury 4-seater electric car with a range of 400 […]

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by , 5th Oct 16 7:35 pm

Like the Terminator refusing to be killed off Henrik Fisker is back, Fikser Inc will reveal a product preview of a premium electric car, a spiritual successor to his Fisker Karma that launched in 2012. The story of Fisker Automotive is fraught, it received huge financial backing and US federal government loans yet it filed for Chapter […]

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