by , 10th Jun 21 1:53 pm

That stupid grille… that stupid, stupid BMW grille. When we first gazed our collective eyes upon it, it looked stupid. And when we studied it in-depth the stupidity of the aesthetics looked stupider still. And then, all of a sudden… POW! it’s looking good. That stupid BMW grille suits the overall design language of the […]

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by , 24th Mar 21 7:58 pm

We’re not shilling for BMW and never will, for we were left in a vacant parking lot long ago. So we have the privilege of being in a unique position of saying whatever the hell we like. And if someone at BMW doesn’t like it and decides to email us to say knock it off, […]

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by , 1st Nov 19 11:11 am

It’s a fair and balanced day here at the Daily Car Blog HQ. And that means we repeat, verbatim, and repeat, verbatim, nice happy news. And that means non-negative news… boring news. So we selected an auto brand that is guaranteed to get consistent non-critical “happy” news… you guessed it… BMW. And because today is a […]

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by , 8th Jun 15 10:00 am

I don’t know about you but I find BMW very annoying. Let tell me you why, I did something I thought that I would never do. I put on my yellow anorak, a pair of thick rimmed glasses, bucked my teeth and sat in the back of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe. And forgive me for […]

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