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CES is a tech lover’s home. Every year, tech companies gather to show off their latest and greatest products. There’s everything from mobile phones to smart fridges. But, where do cars fit into this? Well, since cars have been getting more techy, they’ve solidified a place at this kind of event. Manufacturers, like BMW, have […]

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by , 15th Aug 16 10:17 am

   Everybody recognizes that if you can make very efficient electric motors, you can make a quantum leap forward. – James Dyson Introduction “The electric motor has become a little more well known and appreciated over the past few years with its improving integration into our cars. With most people understanding and appreciating the impact that […]

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by , 13th Jul 16 8:35 pm

Autonomous driving is the future, for car manufactures it represents a multi-billion dollar goldmine. Autonomous technology is truly cutting edge, it is the future today. However technology is designed and developed by humans and therefore defined by humanity. That is to say humans build machines to function better than humans, to take the err out of being […]

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