by , 14th Jul 21 12:28 pm

Frank Stephenson was responsible for the exterior design of the Ferrari F430 and FXX. So who better than to critique the Ferrari 296 GTB than a former Ferrari designer. We’ll defer to Frank to review the Ferrari 296 GTB form factor.

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by , 11th Jan 21 12:31 pm

Design Sensei and former master BMW designer slates the new BMW iX exterior design language. Frank Stephenson gives a detailed breakdown of BMW’s all-electric SUV. Stephenson points out that the iX is not an SUV but an SAV, Sports Activity Vehicle. The BMW iX is actually closer to the X5 and X7 in approximate size. […]

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by , 8th Oct 20 1:55 pm

Frank Stephenson, the designer of the first-generation X5 SUV, has slammed the new BMW 4 Series. The targeted critique pulls no punches. Stephenson says that the G21 is now more generic. The famous Hoffmeister Kink has “lost that trait… that personality” that made it identifiable as a BMW. But the biggest criticism is reserved for […]

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