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F1 2020 by Codemasters is due to launch on July 10, and yes the character models still resemble zombies. And yes the unnecessary career mode is still there, but you shouldn’t buy it. Here’s why. Save your money and wait for the PS5 version, which hopefully will be significantly better. If Codemasters are clever, and […]

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by , 9th Jun 20 11:56 am

Lewis Hamilton has issued a rallying cry in support of the Black Lives Matter protests that were sparked into life following the brutal murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police. Following Floyd’s death, anti-racism protests initially erupted in Minneapolis and quickly spread across the USA. Many of the protests were peaceful but there have also […]

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by , 14th Apr 20 12:32 pm

Sir Stirling Moss was a British Formula One racing driver who competed in the sport from 1951 to 1961. He is most often referred to as the greatest driver never to win the Formula One world championship. Much has been written about Sir Stirling Moss and more is yet to be written. He was not […]

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by , 31st Mar 20 1:03 pm

Mad Dog by name and now confirmed as being truly mad by nature. Let me add that Mad Dog Marko is not planning nor intending to commit mass murder, the headlines are deliberately over the top to emphasis the lunatic thinking that goes on in the dastardly mind of Mad Dog Helmet Marko. The Mad […]

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by , 21st Feb 20 12:54 pm

The first Formula One pre-season test is merely a systems check, an important first step for all teams to go from computer-based simulations to real-world testing. Pre-season testing is an opportunity for F1 teams to see if data-driven, AI computer modeling and simulation correlates to on-track performance. At this stage it doesn’t really matter who […]

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