by , 19th Jan 21 12:09 pm

Former Jordan F1 team boss Eddie Jordan has fired a warning shot at Lewis Hamilton. During a media interview, Jordan said of Sir Lewis that “everyone is replaceable”. He was referring to Hamilton’s on-going contract negotiations with Mercedes F1. Let’s debate as to why he is totally wrong. To begin with, Jordan is correct, everyone […]

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by , 14th Jan 21 2:54 pm

The world’s poorest billionaire, Lawrence Stroll, has come to the defense of his son, without paying anyone to do it on his behalf. Speaking to RaceFans for free, without paying any fee, Stroll senior reminded everyone and anyone that his son Stroll junior (Lance Stroll) deserves his place in Formula. This despite Lance senior bankrolling […]

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by , 4th Feb 20 4:39 pm

You know there is a concerted debate that Lewis Hamilton has only won as much as he has because Mercedes provide him with the best package. Such an assertion is true, from a certain point of view. The fact is Hamilton hasn’t always had the best car. Maybe for two seasons at least. Maybe during […]

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by , 19th Jun 18 11:29 am

It’s done, finally, after years of publically castigating Renault for being unable to build a fast and reliable hybrid-era engine, Red Bull F1 has finally had enough and made the switch to Honda power despite winning two races so far in 2018. It’s an interesting move for sure, not least because Honda was dumped by […]

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