by , 29th Oct 19 10:21 am

The Ford Flex an odd-looking, odd sounding vehicle. It’s an SUV/Van crossover. Prime markets are in the United States, Canada and in the Middle East. The Flex is based on a vehicular platform dating back to 2004. But that’s not the main issue. The main issue is that not many people bought into the idea of owning a […]

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by , 19th May 19 5:12 pm

Ford Motor Company was the last car company to set up shop in the US and survive for more than a decade (except for Tesla). Dozens of other car companies have failed in that time, unable to break into a brutal and entrenched market. But even Ford can see the clouds on the horizon, and […]

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by , 25th Apr 19 11:16 am

Electric vehicle developer Rivian is seen by many as a start-up venture, it isn’t because it was founded 10 years ago. Back in 2009 electric cars were not taken seriously, Elon Musk was seen as a here-today-gone-tomorrow news story and the future was either diesel or petrol. That’s all changed, over the last three years […]

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by , 30th Jan 19 3:19 pm

The Crossover vehicle is a type of car that sits between a hatchback and SUV. It is niether one nor the other. This uncertainty principle will be the guiding philosophy for the next generation Volvo V40. Volvo is simply responding to consumer demand. Hatchbacks are out, SUVs are in. But there is a method to […]

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by , 24th Jan 19 12:43 pm

OK, so we have been away for a few days doing some charity for the local homeless shelter… OK so the truth is we were not… OK, so we were taking donations for the local charities… OK, so we were begging on the streets pretending to be homeless. Professional beggars, they call it. Motoring journalism is […]

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