by , 6th Aug 20 2:50 pm

Ford made history when it announced its plans for the world’s first fully-electric pony car. But the first time Ken Block got behind the wheel, he couldn’t put all that power to good use. At the time, Ford only had three copies of the Mustang Mach-E, so drifting it was entirely out of the question. […]

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by , 18th May 20 12:20 pm

The Ford Ranger has a new special edition. STOP The Ford Ranger Thunder offers exclusive colour-contrast exterior and interior specifications. STOP Production is limited to 4,500 units. STOP Only 1,400 Ford Ranger Thunder special editions are destined for UK. STOP Retail pricing starts from £32,965 RRP (excluding VAT). STOP That is all we have to […]

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by , 30th Apr 20 9:55 am

Ford has pulled the plug on a Rivian based pure electric Lincoln SUV citing the coronavirus pandemic as the main culprit behind the decision. The Lincoln brand is Ford’s luxury vehicle division. No specific details were given as to why the pandemic led to the cancelation. Ford intends to go it alone and develop a […]

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by , 18th Mar 20 10:19 am

If you can’t beat them join them is the age-old adage and Volkswagen is finally seeing the light and doing a Mercedes X Class. That is to say, the future Amarok Pickup Truck will pretend to be a Volkswagen. You see Ford and Volkswagen are getting it together, forming a new joint alliance. Why? To […]

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by , 11th Mar 20 11:00 am

Apparently, Cadillac, the luxury brand division of Ford, is planning to release a flagship luxury saloon/sedan that will cost an eye-watering $200,000. Yes, that’s in dollars and not in fake Bitcoin. It will be based on the 2016 Escala concept. But here’s the problem, SUVs and pickup trucks are eating into sedan/saloon sales across the […]

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