by , 11th Aug 20 11:36 am

Over a month ago we said Ferrari will almost certainly sack Sebastian Vettel at some point during the 2020 season. Such an option seems more and more likely after Vettel openly criticized his team over the radio during the British Grand Prix. The Defcon moment came when Vettel pulled no punches as he exclaimed: “you’ve […]

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by , 7th Aug 20 10:41 am

Wheel rims come in aluminium, steel, and magnesium. Of these, magnesium is the most expensive metal at about $2,000 per ton. They are also lighter than the other two metals. But, aluminium rims are more durable. So, how do you decide which metal is appropriate for your needs? Mag wheel and tyre packages are available […]

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by , 8th Jul 20 12:11 pm

Ferrari is being Ferrari again, it all seems a bit 1990s over at the Scuderia. At the end of the 2020 season, Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel will have gone their separate ways. The relationship that began with so much promise 5 years ago has disintegrated after Ferrari revealed the decision to do so was mutual. […]

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by , 2nd Jul 20 3:26 pm

Getting a Ferrari F8 Spider press loan is perhaps the most difficult feat ever undertaken by this blog. Ferrari is known to pick and choose who they want. Getting approval from Ferrari is like getting approval from the Pope. The likelihood is that one of us here at DCB HQ has a better chance of […]

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by , 1st Jul 20 8:26 pm

Lewis Hamilton is the best driver of his generation, but Michael Schumacher is currently the finest of any generation and he has the championship record to prove it. Hamilton is currently one win away from equaling Schumacher, so the question is whether he can be the great man and stand alone at the top of […]

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