by , 10th Aug 21 2:50 pm

So you earned your fortune after many years of hard work. Or you are a beneficiary of a large trust fund and you have had it easy all your life. Whatever way you earned your money you have finally entered the world of elite motoring ownership. And that Ferrari Roma has your name on it, […]

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by , 14th Jul 21 12:28 pm

Frank Stephenson was responsible for the exterior design of the Ferrari F430 and FXX. So who better than to critique the Ferrari 296 GTB than a former Ferrari designer. We’ll defer to Frank to review the Ferrari 296 GTB form factor.

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by , 2nd Jul 21 10:39 am

Nope, this is not a scam but a real 100-percent real deal. Yes you can buy a brand new Ferrari SF90 for £9,910. But there is a proviso. If you want to buy that brand new Ferrari for £9,910 you will have to develop human shrinking technology because this particular Ferrari is a 1:8 scale […]

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by , 25th Jun 21 11:43 am

OK, so yesterday Ferrari revealed the all-new V6, powered 296 GTB. And the internet is buzzing, or at least the car world is. As usual, we like to take our time by slowly appreciating a brand new Ferrari launch. This isn’t the first Ferrari to have a mid-mounted V6 engine, that accolade rests with the […]

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by , 25th Mar 21 12:02 pm

The Ferrari Purosangue SUV… never did I believe that one day Ferrari would succumb to the ever-changing tide of consumer demand. But the indicators were there, there is a deep sickness for a high-performance, ultra-luxury SUV. And never has there been a more difficult to pronounce SUV name. Thankfully we have Google translate which accurately […]

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