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Scotty Kilmer has ditched his rootin-tootin, free radical ideologist YouTube persona for a more sedate, critique filled video for his latest YouTube upload. What went wrong with the Toyota Supra asks Kilmer. Kilmer points out that the 1990s Supras were, in the engine department, over-engineered.  Toyota’s over-engineering of the Supra (A80) meant formidable reliability rival […]

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by , 19th Jun 18 4:45 pm

Sports cars are popularly considered as a symbol of financial strength. Anyone who can afford such a vehicle is financially well, many believe. Money is not always the key problem. There are people who can afford a sports car, but their circumstances do not allow the purchase of such a car. The classic example: fathers. […]

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by , 1st Dec 17 11:41 am

Horsepower is a word which is thrown around a lot in the motoring industry. It is such a standard part of our daily conversations when it comes to cars that it is sometimes easy to forget the origins of the term. In the 1800’s, cars were not invented yet and instead people would travel around […]

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by , 23rd Oct 17 12:52 pm

There is plenty going on in the motoring world at the moment, from the emergence of autonomous vehicles on public roads to the fact that we may no longer see petrol and diesel cars rolling off production lines across the UK come 2040. One aspect that has long been a constant for drivers across the […]

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by , 13th Jan 15 1:14 pm

Its worth noting that the Fast & the Furious movies look good on the big screen, 55 inch flatscreen TV with full HD, or in 4K or what ever technology you watch movies in. And of course steroid abusers, notable for their DEEP voices and designer t-shirts look good on the big screen, 55 inch flatscreen […]

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