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His name is Sam Moores and he is a kid… Who owns a Ferrari F40. If you don’t know what a Ferrari F40 is all about then lets say it kick started the supercar era when it was launched in the 1980’s. Every other supercar and hypercar since has some amount of F40 DNA sequenced into […]

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by , 7th Nov 16 12:03 pm

David Lee, a successful retailer of luxury goods, has been so successful he is able to buy what is perhaps the ultimate Ferrari Collection. The roll-call of what is today refered to as hypercars reads 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO, 1990 F40, 1995 F50, 2003 Enzo and 2014 LaFerrari. OK so this YouTube clip is a shameless […]

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by , 7th Jul 16 2:10 pm

Ferrari’s legendary poster icon, the F40, has topped a poll to find out the best 10 supercars of all time, carried out by the organisers of The Fast Car Festival. The F40, built to commemorate the brand’s 40th anniversary in 1988, was the last model to be signed off by company founder Enzo Ferrari himself […]

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by , 26th Jan 16 2:30 pm

The mysterious YouTuber Tax The Rich seems to have a never ending supply of supercars in which to demonstrate how a supercar should be used. No not by a group of intoxicated millionaires in the Gumball Rally and certainly not by Chris Harris. Tax The Rich seems to be recklessly driving his supercars, we assume […]

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by , 4th Aug 15 2:10 pm

Remember the Ferrari 288 GTO? We mentioned it in a previous post. Well anyway this the holy grail of supercars, some may well even say the 288 GTO lit the fuse that sparked the supercar era as we know it. Perhaps its the big bang of the modern 21st century supercar. Made between 1984-1987 the […]

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