by , 3rd Dec 19 11:48 am

I ask you can failing Jaguar do anything right? No, they can not. Propped up by a long-gone history the failing British auto brand can not cut it among German rivals. Continually poor build quality, poor reliability. The Ingenium engines have been a total disaster, big, big disaster. What proof of the latter? Jaguar will be […]

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by , 12th Apr 17 8:00 pm

Jaguar have fitted a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo-charged engine into the F-Type and in doing so have diluted the brilliance that defines the V6 and V8 powered brothers. But it’s not as annoying as dealing with Jaguar Land Rover’s self serving, duplicitous, completely fake, Alt-right ‘high-five’ Press Fleet coordinator. If you ever manage to meet the Annie Wilkes of […]

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by , 7th Mar 16 2:27 pm

Jaguar has just released the F-Pace on top of that its got a rather tasty product portfolio perhaps the best in it’s rollercoaster history. Sales during the period of February were up by 208 percent in the UK for the premium luxury maker of cars. The increase of 208 percent sounds spectacular doesn’t it, that is […]

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by , 28th Oct 14 10:58 pm

So you may well know that Hennessey are automotive tuners par excellence, they make the formula of taking a supercar and increasing the horsepower look easy. It isn’t, all that extra power generates extra heat, turning cycle’s and mechanical stresses that literally make things go pop. A specialist like Hennessey know what they are doing, this time they have taken […]

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