by , 26th Nov 19 10:58 am

Most of us here at DCB have, at times, owned a Land Rover. From the first generation Discovery to the second generation. Range Rover Sport, Defender, we’ve owned Land Rovers. For motoring journalists to get behind the wheel of a press loan requires what one can only refer to as “professional begging”. The standard procedure […]

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by , 18th Oct 19 12:18 pm

Mechanic and part-time YouTuber, Car Wizard, warns on the perils of buying a cheap luxury car. Sure a 25-year-old Jaguar that once cost the equivalent of $80,000 new in today’s money has come down to an affordable $2,000, in today’s money. That’s a hell of a bargain to own and to sit behind the wheel […]

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by , 19th Jul 17 2:30 pm

Buying a new car means spending quite a bit of money at once – but buying a used car could prove to be even more expensive in the long run. Your vehicle is one of the most expensive assets you own, after all, and it’s a good idea to start off on the right foot […]

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